About Wallingford Netball Club

From the small group of mums reminiscing about playing netball and others looking for a local club that set the club in motion in 2005, Wallingford Netball Club has gone from strength to strength, and now has approximately 140 members from the age of 10 upwards.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming club and are always looking for new players, so if you are interested in playing netball with us, why not get in touch.


The senior club started with only 10 members, no coaches and no umpires. The club has grown rapidly and now has four senior teams (with 25-30 players regularly attending training), a qualified and experienced coaching team, and several qualified umpires. We aim to provide all levels of players the opportunity to enjoy their netball and achieve as much as they are able and wish to. We have players that play purely for some friendly, social exercise and others that are looking for the competitive challenge of league matches; we as a club aim to provide both and everything in-between. There is a busy social side to the club, with regular social events (e.g. dinners, quiz nights), and an annual weekend playing tour.  Why not check out our senior pages.


The junior club started a year after the senior club, and has grown even faster than anyone could have imagined. We offer weekly training and competitive opportunities from the age of 10 upwards, and regularly have over 100 players attending the training sessions. The club has a great atmosphere, with girls from a wide range of schools coming together to enjoy playing netball and develop their skills with our experienced and friendly coaching team. The club provides opportunities for all of the girls to enjoy their netball and reach their potential – part of this is sending players to the Oxfordshire Academy Trials, where appropriate. The junior club is very closely linked with the senior club, making the transition into senior netball a smooth one. Our junior players are encouraged to get involved in coaching and umpiring, should they wish to, with some of the older junior members now helping with the running of the club as coaches, umpires and team managers. Our senior players also help out with umpiring and coaching the juniors.  Why not check out our junior pages.

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