Hurricanes v Abingdon Eagles Pink – 16 October 2013

Final score:  Hurricanes 24 – 34 Abingdon Eagles Pink
Player from Wallingford:  Nicki
Player from opposition:  Nina


Match summary

GS:  Nicki
GA:  Leanne P
WA:  Lauren
C:  Amy
WD:  Sarah / Sam
GD:  Nina
GK:  Debi

Hurricanes had a hard start to the 1st quarter, with Abingdon taking a firm lead and Hurricanes struggling to find their own pace to the game.  It was a messy game at times during the first half.  Coming up through centre court Hurricanes found it hard to find space and made a few mistakes, which Abingdon took advantage of.  Hurricanes picked up their game in the 3rd and 4th quarters playing some lovely netball.  Nicki’s shooting was on fire, with some fantastic shoots into goal.  Unfortunately, it was just the silly mistakes that lost Hurricanes the game.  Well fought ladies.

Thanks to Leanne’s mum, Sue, for scoring and to Sarah, Nina and Lauren for playing up and all the support watching the game.