Hurricanes v OSP Betas – 2 October 2013

Final score:  Hurricanes 32 – 38 OSP Betas
Player from Wallingford:  Debi
Player from opposition:  Nicki


Match summary

GS:  Nicki
GA:  Leanne P
WA:  Julie B / Donna
C:  Donna / Amy
WD:  Amy / Charlie
GD:  Laura
GK:  Debi

The first quarter began at a fast pace with the ball zipping from one end of the court to the other.  Frantic interceptions were made and both teams scored well once the ball entered the D.  The quarter ended 9-8 to OSP.

The opposition’s defence tactics allowed Hurricanes to dodge around them and move forward in a slightly more controlled fashion due to the space being created.  However, over exuberant passing into the shooters allowed turnover ball on more than one occasion, allowing OSP to increase their lead to 19-17 at the end of the first half.

After a change in centre court at half time the physical ball-contesting continued in all areas of the court.  Feeding into the attacking circle at times was forced, which allowed the opposition to steal the ball.  Frustratingly, throughout the game Hurricanes played some lovely passages of play, but couldn’t keep their game consistent allowing the opposition to hassle them into making mistakes.  When the ball did reach Hurricane’s shooters they rarely missed.  Digging deep into the final quarter in all areas of the court the team continued to battle hard, but were unable to prevent the lead from developing further.  The final score was 38-32 to OSP.

When Hurricanes played well they were a joy to watch… when the balls didn’t go to hand it was like watching another team on court!!!  Well battled ladies.

A massive thank you to Julie B for playing for us, to Becky for staying to sub for us, and to Super Scorer Sue for being fantastic at her job!