Tornadoes v Oxford City A – 15 January 2015

Final score:  Tornadoes 16 – 24 Oxford City A
Player from Wallingford:  Emma
Player from opposition:  Nat

GK:  Abi
GD:  Rachel
WD:  Jess
C:  Nat
WA:  Julie W
GA:  Janine
GS:  Emma
Sub:  Justine

Match summary

First quarter
The teams started uneven with Oxford missing a player due to traffic! The weather conditions were difficult to play in very cold and very windy. Tornadoes started strongly despite this; really making the most of having a free player. Lots of double marking was being used. Oxford were then allowed to bring on their missing player and the game changed to a much faster pace.  Despite Tornadoes initially being 5-0 up, at the end of the quarter the score was 5-5.

Second quarter
This saw a lot of changes to Oxford’s line up. The weather conditions had worsened, now even more windy with rain, making passing very difficult for Tornadoes as the team continued to favour the long ball or overheads. Oxford took advantage of this getting lots of interceptions and creating turn over balls. It was difficult to get the ball into Tornadoes’ shooting end as Oxford’s defence was very overpowering. At the end of the second quarter the score was 13-6 to Oxford.

Third quarter
This saw a couple of changes to Oxford again. The game started more controlled by Tornadoes as the team made a conscious effort to do shorter passes with the weather now changing again with sleet added into the equation. There were some good interceptions made by Tornadoes and great balls into the attacking end. There was a much stronger team effort all round from Tornadoes. At the end of the third quarter the score was 18-13 to Oxford.

Final quarter
The last quarter saw a change to our team Justine coming on for Abi in GK. The game started fast paced again by Oxford and Tornadoes unfortunately followed! There were some good parts of play but passes had become long again, which were difficult to read in the wind! Despite the conditions both teams battled on. Oxford were stronger and, despite the best efforts of Tornadoes’ defence, were getting more balls into their shooting D. At the end of the final quarter the score was 24-16 to Oxford.

It was a really horrible game due to conditions, so good efforts everyone!  Thanks for the support Han, Nicki and Lois in such bad weather!